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We are MarketDome Zrt. and we are in the business of construction works and the wholesale of specialty motor vehicle parts. We help our national customers from our central office in Budapest.

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What you should know about us:

We have always had a solution.

Starting from 2019, our company’s scope of activities has evolved steadily. As the key activity in terms of sales revenue, we have come to succeed in the wholesale market of motor vehicle parts. Over the past two years, MarketDome Zrt. has become a major domestic distributor of machinery and equipment used in road management.

When we did not, we looked for and found one.

We currently supply the speciality equipment and machine superstructures of Croatian manufacturer Rasco d.o.o. for the use of the engineering departments of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. as well as for companies dealing with waste management. In addition to the delivery of salt spreading adapters, road cleaning machine superstructures (eg. snow plows, road sweepers, etc.), stationary salt mixing tanks and waste collection machine parts, MarketDome Zrt. also provides full warranty and post-warranty services for these products, together with the training of operators and the import of special de-icing salts for spraying roads.

We are building a warehouse of possibilities.

In addition to the distribution of machines and equipment used in road management, MarketDome Zrt. carries out construction work for local governments. Recent projects of our company include the successful completion of works on the ‘wild bird first aid, care and demonstration center’ for the Municipality of Székesfehérvár.

Our services:

Provision of machines, heavy equipment, fittings and spare partsProvision of machines, heavy equipment, fittings and spare parts
Servicing, standby supportServicing, standby support
Conducting professional trainingsConducting professional trainings
Construction works, renovationsConstruction works, renovations


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Tax number: 25336795241Company register number: 01 10 048529Abbreviated name: MarketDome Zrt.Address: Magyarország, 1022 Budapest, Szemlőhegy utca 6.